Frequently Asked Questions


What is Sellmycell?

SellmyCell is a New Zealand owned and operated mobile phone recycling service.

We pay cash for unwanted devices, then refurbish and find them new homes, extending their useful life. Any unusable parts are sustainably recycled.

Our mission is to provide the best value and a green, easy service for disposing of your mobile phone.

How does Sellmycell work?

Simply find your phone model using the search field or by browsing the “Sell My Phone” page. Once selected, give us a few further details about your phone and we’ll make you an offer on the spot.

Give us your postage details, enter your payment preference and upload a photo ID. Once the order is confirmed we’ll send out a postage pack for you to send the phone back to us.

Once you’ve received your postage pack, simply place your phone in the enclosed bubble bag. You can either call 0800 268 743 to arrange your free collection or drop your bag at your handiest post depot.

As soon as we’ve checked your phone and identification, we’ll issue payment and a confirmation email. This can take up to 3 days, but generally we issue payment the day we receive your phone.

Why should I choose Sellmycell?

  • Sellmycell is New Zealand owned and operated.
  • We strive to offer the best prices for used phones in New Zealand.
  • Our service is hassle free. No need to take photos, write descriptions, pay listing fees, or answer questions.
  • We love damaged phones and provide you with instant offers for your phone regardless of condition.
  • We are the fastest payers in NZ, only 3 business days from the date we receive your device.
  • We pay for any and all postage costs, using our service doesn’t cost you a cent.
  • We guarantee our online price offers for 14 days, as long as your device is as described, we pay the price originally offered online.
  • Dealing with us is risk free – if hidden faults are uncovered upon inspection, we will email you a revised offer. If you are not happy with the offer, we will post the phone back to you free of charge.

How can I find out how much my phone is worth?

Simply enter your phone model into the search field on the Home page, or browse the Sell My Phone page to find your model, provide us with a few details about your phone and we’ll give you an instant value.

Is the price offered fair?

We are constantly monitoring the market to determine an accurate market value for your device. We strive to offer prices as close to market value as possible. The idea is that you may get slightly less than you would on an auction site, but save a lot of time and hassle in the process.

How do I know if my phone is locked to a network?

If your phone was purchased new through Spark, Vodafone or 2Degrees then it is likely locked to that network. To check this, you can pop a SIM from another network into your phone, if you are presented with a lock message then your phone is locked.

How do I unlock my phone?

The process for unlocking your phone differs between networks. Click below for specific directions for each network:



How do I know what model my phone is?

This guide helps identify the model of your Apple iPhone. The model number can be found in the small print on the back of the phone. You can check the capacity of your iPhone under Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage.

For most other phones the model number can be found on the barcode label under the battery.

What condition is my phone in?

Your phone will fall into one of four condition grades. Your phone must meet all of the criteria of the given grade to qualify for that grade, if it fails to meet one or more of the criteria it will fall into the grade below. We do not accept phones that are incomplete or missing key components.

Flawless: Works perfectly; Still in its package and looks like new; Zero scratches or scuffs

Good: Works perfectly; Tidy condition; No major scratches or scuffs; No cracks in screen or body

Poor/Faulty: Powers on with physical or functional damage (For example a badly worn case, cracked or dull display, missing or defective buttons)

Broken: Doesn’t turn on; liquid damage; two or more faults

How do I know if my phone’s display is damaged?

We consider the display to be damaged if there are major scratches or cracks in the LCD or front glass, or if the display has any other defects to the image, colour or brightness. Common examples of this are the effects of liquid damage, or a poor quality third party display being used to replace a damaged one.

Do you accept phones that are missing key components?

We are not able to offer cash for phones which are missing key components such as the display or logic board. If you have phones of this nature that you would like to dispose of please contact us here.

What is liquid damage and how do I know if my phone has it?

Liquid damage occurs when liquid comes into contact with your phone. It can short-circuit or corrode the internal components of the phone causing it behave unusually, or stop working entirely.

Most phones have white indicator stickers which turn pink to indicate if a phone has been exposed to liquid. These are not user accessible on iPhones but can usually be found under the battery on other phones.

Your phone may behave normally for months after liquid damage has occurred but is still more likely to have future issues. Because of this we may email you a revised offer if we find your phone has been exposed to liquid upon inspection.

Do you accept blocked, stolen or counterfeit phones?

We do not accept stolen or counterfeit phones. As required by law, any phones that we discover to have been blocked or stolen will be passed on to the New Zealand Police.

How long is my offer valid for?

Your offer is valid for 14 days from the date your order is placed. If we receive your phone after 14 days, we may email you a revised offer.

The offer is, however, subject to the phone being as described in the order.

Why can’t I find the phone I want to sell?

Certain phones models may not be listed on our site. If you are not able to find your phone on our site, then we may not be able to offer cash for it currently.

If you have a phone to sell that isn’t listed but you think it should be, then please get in touch with us here.

What is my IMEI? How can I check if my phone has been reported lost or stolen?

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number assigned to GSM, UMTS or IDEN cell phones. It carries basic information about the phone and can be used to tell if a phone has been blacklisted or reported lost or stolen. You can find your IMEI by calling *#06#.

Check your IMEI status here.

Where does my phone end up?

SellmyCell aims to reuse 95% of the devices we receive. This means the device is refurbished (or used as parts to refurbish other phones) and then resold locally or overseas.

The remaining 5% is sent to facilities in Japan for recycling, where the precious materials are extracted for use in new electronic devices. This is the best recycling practice currently available for electronics and it is achieved with the help of Zero Waste New Zealand.


Shipping & Inspection

What do I need to send with my phone?

All we require is the phone, battery and order form we post out to you. We also welcome any original packaging or accessories if you no longer require them.

How do I remove my SIM card before sending my phone?

On iPhones, the SIM card tray is located on the right side of the phone. Pop a paper clip, pin or SIM ejector tool into the hole and press to eject the SIM.

On most other phones the SIM card is located behind the battery.

I sent my SIM card with my phone, can I get it back?

Unfortunately, we are not able to return any SIM or memory cards once sent. We therefore recommend thoroughly checking your device before sending. We do however ensure that they are securely destroyed.

How do I deactivate my iCloud account on my iPhone?

Before sending go to Settings>iCloud and select “Sign out”

If you’ve already sent the phone you can also remove the iCloud account by visiting the “Find my iPhone” section on, select the device and click “Remove from Account”.

How do I clear the data and settings on my phone?

On iPhones go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings

On other phones the reset function is usually found under the general settings.

Why have I been emailed a revised offer which is different to the original offer?

This is because we have inspected the phone and found the details of the phone are not consistent with the details given when the order was placed. For example, hidden faults or liquid damage was found.

You are free to reject the revised offer and we will post the phone back to you free of charge.

Do you charge to send the phone back if I’m not happy with the revised offer?

No we will arrange and pay for this entirely!

What shipping methods does Sellmycell offer?

We offer a free service for you to send your phone to us. We will send you out a pre-paid post bag and you can either drop this at your nearest post office or arrange to have it collected by a courier at a convenient time and place.

I have placed my order but my prepaid shipping bag has not arrived, where is it?

It may take up to 3 working days for the post pack to arrive after the order is placed. If it hasn’t arrived after this time, contact us here and we’ll arrange for a replacement to be sent out.

What happens once I have sent in my device?

Your phone will reach us in 1-2 working days. Once received we inspect the phone, and assuming everything is as described, issue payment and a confirmation email. This process takes up to 3 working days.

How can I cancel my transaction?

Contact us here or call us on 0800 735 235 to cancel a transaction

Can I track my package while on it’s way to SellmyCell?

All our postage is handled by CourierPost. We will send you tracking details once the post pack has been sent and you can track the parcel here.


What payment methods does SellmyCell offer?

We offer payment by;

Bank transfer; Payment will be made my a transfer into the nominated bank account.

PayPal; Payment will be made to the nominated PayPal account.

Charity; We will donate the offer value of your phone to a nominated charity on your behalf. The nominated charity will prepare and send you a tax deductible donation receipt, or you can choose to make an anonymous donation.

I have posted my phone, when will I receive my payment?

You will receive payment within 5 working days. It takes 1-2 days for your phone to reach us and a further 3 working days for us to inspect your phone and process the payment. You will receive a confirmation email from us once the payment has been made.


I’ve forgotten my username and/or password

Username: Your username is usually your email address.

Password: Select “I forgot my password” on the My Account login page.

Please feel free to contact us if there are any other issues.

How can I view my order status and history?

Simply login to your My Account page to review all open and closed orders.

Why do you need my identification?

Sellmycell is a licensed second-hand dealer and therefore required to obtain proof of identity from every person that sells goods to us. Your ID is used solely for assisting with the police in locating lost or stolen goods.

What are valid forms of identification?

Your ID needs to show your full name, current address, photo, date of birth and your signature. You can upload up to two forms of ID to meet these requirements.  Acceptable forms of photo identity are:

a. A current passport, driver’s licence or firearms licence (or other government issued photographic ID approved by us);

b. An 18+ card issued by the Hospitality Association of New Zealand; or

c. A current document issued by a New Zealand secondary or composite school to a student that is     issued for the purpose of identifying the student and contains a photograph of the student.

You can also upload any of the following to help meet the above requirements:

a. Bank statement or mortgage documents;

b. Utility bill;

c. Employee pay slip;

d. Vehicle registration;

e. Tax file number document;

f. Rates invoice from the relevant local authority;

g. Ministry of Social Development document.

I can’t upload my identification photo, how can I send it to you?

You can email it to us at Just note your name and order ID in the subject field.